• Making A OOAK Doll

    Euphoria dolls made of  high quality materials products. We use Monster High doll as a base for our OOAK dolls.We start process by removing original hair and make-up. Then we clean the doll  with a canned materials from Japan. After that our designer start to draw the concept of the the doll in our worked station. When […]

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  • Where to Find Us

    We don’t have any physical store yet but we’re working on finding best place and the design for it. It would be located in Barcelona/Spain, but you can find us in Doll festival, conventions, auctions  and charity events all around the Europe. (barbie convention, dolly festival, hanami etc). Other then those you can always find our OOAK […]

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  • Our History

    We are a couple who passionate about collectible dolls, our history got started when we shared our collection in our online shop vintagencollectable.com. Seeing all the support of our customer push us even more further, with the same idea of business providing high quality collectibles with love. We decided to create our OOAK doll and […]

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  • Concept Dolls

    The story begins with the passion that we have for collectible dolls, our inspiration comes from every character that take place in history and in our lives, since we were child. Making a concept doll is not a easy task to do, we knew that it would be hard to create such emotional art pieces, yet […]