Our History

We are a couple who passionate about collectible dolls, our history got started when we shared our collection in our online shop vintagencollectable.com. Seeing all the support of our customer push us even more further, with the same idea of business providing high quality collectibles with love. We decided to create our OOAK doll and we named it EUPHORIA¬†and who knows better how to make a OOAK dolls than who collect them more than 20 years. So, our motto is “for collectors¬†from collector” and again thanks to our customer their support keep us going.


In order to continue to provide good products and excellent costumer satisfaction, we’ve closed vintagencollectable.com thank you so much for all your support. From now on we will be focusing on our OOAK Dolls and clothing brand EUPHORIA. You can review our collection at https://goo.gl/amD5z3

Our history continues