Making A OOAK Doll

Euphoria dolls made of  high quality materials products. We use Monster High doll as a base for our OOAK dolls.We start process by removing original hair and make-up. Then we clean the doll  with a canned materials from Japan. After that our designer start to draw the concept of the the doll in our worked station. When we agreed on design we start to reroot the hair this process make take 2-3 days. And following up with make-up we do couple layer of make-up and we also apply special products to protect make-up from damage this process also may take 1-2 weeks. Meanwhile other departments works on Special box and dress for the doll these process may take 1-2 weeks at the end making a OOAK doll my take 2-4 weeks depends on the doll and concept.

Process in a list,

  • Find the concept, idol or inspiration,
  • Designing the doll and the box on workstation,
  • Prepare the doll and the fabrics,
  • Find accessories if its necessary,
  • Removing old make-up or paint art,
  • Removing old hair,
  • Re-rooting new high quality hair,
  • Putting new make-up or paint art with acrylic paint by hand,
  • Applying protecting layers for the makeup and paint art,
  • Working on dresses (we make them from scratch for each of doll by hand),
  • Making the box and the decor of box,
  • and finally assemble  all together,


In the package our customers will find,

  • Doll itself,
  • Hard copy of doll draw,
  • Accessories*

doll package

If you have any question please visit faqs page if you cant find what you looking for please contact with us.

*Depends on the doll and concept.